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Joy Division is perfect for the Covid-19 crisis | Opinion

I reckon Tim Martin, who is worth about £440m, could afford to pay his 43,000 Wetherspoons staff over £10,000 each. Even a fraction of that might help tide them over until the government payment scheme is in place (JD Wetherspoon denies ‘abandoning’ staff in coronavirus crisis, 24 March).
Mark Walford

Re Toby Wood’s letter (23 March) asking for suggestions for classic albums to listen to, many people, including myself, consider Joy Division’s output to be peerless. But closer scrutiny of the songs of the lyricist and singer Ian Curtis show they reflect our current Covid-19 world with uncanny foresight – Transmission, Colony, Incubation, Isolation and the haunting From Safety to Where…?
Michael Dawson
St Ives, Cambridgeshire

Simon and Garfunkel – Bridge Over Troubled Water.
Denise Shepherd
Rochdale, Greater Manchester

While the circumstances are unfortunate, this is a marvellous moment for us shy people. I’ve been waiting my whole life to be officially told to avoid all human interactions. Brilliant.
Alan Moulsdale
Carnforth, Lancashire

Are the obstetric services ready for a baby boom in December/January (Budding couples in the UK told to live together or stay apart, 24 March)?
Morris Bernadt

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