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Jon Bon Jovi writing song about the outbreak

Jon Bon Jovi is writing a song about the coronavirus outbreak, and he’d like your help.

The rocker asked fans for help writing a verse of a new song, “Do What You Can,” that was partially premiered on the evening of Sunday, March 22 on Bon Jovi’s social media sites.

“These are trying times we’re going through, uncharted territory, the great unknown,” said Bon Jovi from an undisclosed studio room. “But one thing is for sure, we’re going to make it through. Now, I did what I do best, which is sit down with my guitar and try to put something to words for you, maybe brighten up your day.

“Here’s my idea. We write this one together. I’m going to give you the chorus, I’m going to give you the first verse, I’m going to play the second verse, but you tell me your story,” he said. 

Jon Bon Jovi

“Tell me what you’re going through. Tell me how you’re feeling. Tell me if you’re hurting,” he said. “Talk about that high school graduation that’s going to be cancelled, talk about that prom you just might not have, talk about that baby coming there’s nothing you can do about that. Talk about the paycheck that you’re losing. Talk about being afraid, looking out your window and wondering what to make about all of this.” 

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