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Jesse Watters Bashes Juan Williams Over Remarks In 'Positivity' Segment

Jesse Watters bashed Juan Williams on The Five Thursday evening on Fox News, during a segment meant to have a positive spin, over Williams highlighting that state governors must “kiss up” to President Donald Trump to garner crucial “attention” during the Covid-19 outbreak.

Williams began by thanking all healthcare workers in this time of coronavirus crisis while highlighting the sacrifices that medial personnel has made to aid the public.

“If we talk about heroes, I wanted to talk about the doctors because to me the doctors on the front lines, I have relatives working in emergency rooms, my brother-in-law is a big doctor here in D.C., my father-in-law, these doctors are a tremendous risk for exposure to the virus, nonetheless we have to keep them well and they are being very brave, oftentimes working extreme hours in order to staff these hospitals, emergency rooms, even some of these checkpoints that have been constructed to test people for the virus so I just wanted to say hats off to them,” Williams stated.

Williams, who frequently serves as The Five’s only voice of opposition to the president, continued by calling out the way governors have had to “kiss up to the government” and Trump.

“The other part of this is I think you guys are so quick to talk about the governors and even now apparently you have a new favorite Ilhan Omar but a lot of the politicians in the country, realize you’ve got to kiss up to the government right now…President Trump and others at the CDC and the rest in order to get attention at a critical moment and I think it’s important to understand how that relationship of some of those very key gears can work.”

Williams then called out his fellow panelists’ evolution on “giving out money,” adding that his co-hosts were the ones supporting the Republican party which has been “running against socialism.”

“When you talk about giving out money, when you talk about bailouts for big business, I think, this was the party that was running against socialism, running against Bernie Sanders just a few minutes ago,” Williams stated.

Walters then bashed Williams while stating that he was “misreading” the room and country – while directing his co-host to contemplate his monologue during the commercial break.

Walters began, “I say this with all due respect, you are really misreading the room. You are misreading the country. We are doing a segment about the positivity of Americans coming together from all walks of life, from the private sector to the public sector, from everyone and you keep on ruining it…so maybe think about that after the commercial break.”

“And try to be a little more positive, Juan. Try to be a little more positive — in a time when the country really needs positivity,” Walters declared to Williams.

“I think you should listen to at some of the Trump rallies,” Williams fired back before the show went to a commercial break.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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