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Grand Princess disembarks 400; lawsuit filed

The Grand Princess cruise ship, which finally docked in California and allowed just over 400 people to disembark Monday, made plans to unload more passengers on Tuesday — though some guests feel uneasy about the disembarkation process. 

The 407 who disembarked on Monday include two travelers who tested positive for coronavirus on Friday. They were taken to hospitals along with their travel companions while 19 crew members who have tested positive “have been deemed asymptomatic” and remain on the ship in isolated cabins, the company stated in a press release issued Tuesday.

Donna LaGesse and her sister-in-law, Jackie Eilers, who are from North Carolina and Colorado, respectively, say they still haven’t heard when they will leave the ship.

“We haven’t received any information… We have not received anything in writing or anything like that to say where we’re going or if we’re even leaving today,” LaGesse told USA TODAY on Tuesday. 

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