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FEMA head says masks are being sent but declines to be specific

ABC’s Martha Raddatz asked Gaynor if facilities would get them in time before the health system in critically affected states is overwhelmed.

“Again, they’re shipping today, they shipped yesterday and they’re shipping tomorrow.”

The White House coronavirus task force announced Saturday that 600 million N-95 masks were ordered to protect U.S. health care workers, but officials were unable to answer when they would be ready for use. At the briefing, Gaynor told reporters: “Every single governor across the country is looking for the exact same thing, so it’s a balance” and added that the masks “are out there now.”

On Sunday, Raddatz pressed Gaynor: “When you say ‘they,’ how many? Which masks? The new masks?”

“I mean, it is hundreds of thousands of millions of things that we’re shipping from the stockpile. I can’t give you the details about what every single state of what every single city is doing,” he responded. “But I’m telling you that we are shipping from our national stockpile, we’re shipping from vendors, we’re shipping from donations. It is happening. The demand is great.”

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