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Every horror movie of 2020, ranked

Horror movies aren’t just for Halloween anymore. They’re year-round extravaganzas of bloody gore, crazy villains and high-concept stuff that’ll freak you out and make you think about the world around you.

There’s also some absolute dreck, but, hey, you take the good with the bad.

The world’s plenty scary with viral outbreaks and theaters closing all over the country due to coronavirus, but streaming services thankfully are maintaining a steady dose of the creepy stuff. On Friday, Netflix debuts the Spanish film “The Platform,” a social allegory about class warfare and inequality set in a mysterious prison, while Shudder features “The Room,” which follows a married couple who buy a fixer-upper and discover a secret hideaway that grants their every wish. (And no, it’s not the same “The Room” famous for being the worst movie ever.)

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