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Cyber safety tips for working from home

SAN FRANCISCO — So you’ve been told to work remotely because of the coronavirus. About the worst thing you could do right now is download a bunch of sketchy programs for video conferencing, mobile working and the like that might carry computer viruses and make it so you can’t do any work at all.

Here are some tips from cybersecurity experts to keep you safe and your computer (and boss) happy.

First, take a deep breath and re-read whatever work-from-home memo your company sent out. It should outline what programs you should be using for calls, video conferencing, file sharing and whether you need a virtual private network (VPN) to log in to your network.

If the memo doesn’t outline these things, ask!

“It’s OK to just wait a couple of minutes to check with someone rather than downloading something that could cause problems,” said Ning Wang, CEO of Offensive Security, a cyber security company in New York. 

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