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Coronavirus debate showed why Trump would crush Sanders in an election

In America, no one owes a vote to any person or party. You can skip the election or write in the name of your cat, if that’s how you want to express yourself. But after the final debate between Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders, it’s time for every single voter who wants to put an end to the Trump administration to suit up and vote for the former vice president.

The debate, such as it was, should never have happened. The world is officially in the grip of a pandemic, the stock markets are careening wildly, and American citizens are panic-buying toilet paper. The current president of the United States has turned into a gibbering mess, with some of the best medical minds in America trying to work around errors and lies that come out of the White House faster than they can correct them. With a nominee clearly in sight, the debate was a needless political risk.

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