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Celine Dion's Week Of NYC Fashion Is The Break We All Deserve

The 51-year-old was in New York City last week for a string of performances, of both the singing and sartorial variety. Styled by Sydney Lopez and Pepe Munoz, she generated as much buzz on the city streets as she did for her powerhouse vocals and large onstage sleeves.

What makes Dion magic is not only her willingness to wear fun clothes, it’s the utter joy she exudes while wearing them. Her wacky poses, commitment to getting the shot and appreciation of the sheer drama of it all is enough to, as writer Rachel Syme put it, “cleanse” our timelines ― and our souls.

Take a look at the many iconic outfits Dion wore in NYC over the past week, from an entire hot pink outfit to a massive Oscar de la Renta skirt and so on (and so on).

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