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Biden has the decency and competence we loved in Warren and he can win

Like so many other volunteers, and so many other Americans who are excited by policy details, we were crestfallen when voters did not choose Sen. Elizabeth Warren on Super Tuesday. Though following that rough night we could see the writing on the wall, we were once again distraught when she formally suspended her campaign. We had both knocked on countless doors and had countless conversations with friends to drum up support for her. Her loss stung.

There is no 100% replacement for Warren in the race. That said, if you want the decency, the competence and the fundamental commitment to American ideals that defined her campaign, voting for Joe Biden is the best option. Our fellow Warren supporters should rally around the former vice president.

Though Warren’s campaign had setbacks, her fundamental decency as a person sustained us through them. She got into politics to protect people handicapped by bad luck who needed the refuge of bankruptcy. She understood that all of us are just one terrible diagnosis or one lost job away from financial disaster.

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