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BBC dad talks work from home with kids during coronavirus pandemic

If there’s one person any parent working from home amid the coronavirus pandemic can relate to, it’s the BBC dad.

Robert Kelly, a political science professor in South Korea, was hilariously interrupted by playful children while doing an interview from his home with the BBC.

The video went viral in 2017, and now Kelly and his family are back as they continue to parent and work from home while people around the world similarly practice social distancing to slow the spread of the new coronavirus.

“It’s pretty tough for us,” Kelly said in a heartwarming and candid interview on the BBC alongside his wife, Jung-a Kim, and children, Marion and James.

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“Employers who have employees with kids like our age, it can be very, very difficult. I get maybe two hours of work done a day, maybe three with this,” he said, pointing to his restless daughter.

“They’ve got nothing to do. They’re climbing the walls,” he added. “They’re are only so many games you can play and puzzles you can do before they just kind of, you know, run around.”  

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