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Apple announces new iPad Pro and MacBook Air

2020 iPad Pro

Apple quietly announced four new versions of its iPad Pro and an upgraded MacBook Air on Monday. Instead of hosting a glitzy showcasing event, Apple revealed the devices in a news release. 

Starting next week, the tech giant will ship its latest iPad Pro in two sizes.

There is an 11-inch model that starts at $799 and a 12.9-inch model that starts at $999. There are cellular-service-enabled upgrades to each of those, ringing up at $949 and $1,149, respectively. 

The most notable feature baked into Apple’s tablets is a lidar scanner which can be used to measure the distance between two objects. 

Apple said its lidar scanner, along with pro cameras and motion sensors, enables new augmented-reality experiences on the iPad. AR is an interactive experience where real-world environments are enhanced by computer-generated graphics. 

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