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America's public lands are in danger – and in 2020 we'll report from the frontlines | Environment

Public lands are facing threats like never before. Seasoned superintendents have been shuffled around the country to force their retirement. Ancient cacti are being plowed up to make way for a border wall. Mention of climate change has been suppressed.

These attacks are outlined by none other than Jon Jarvis, the head of the National Park Service under Barack Obama, in a Guardian op-ed co-authored with his brother, Destry. “These are not random actions,” the Jarvises conclude. “This is a systematic dismantling of a beloved institution.”

In the face of these threats, we are glad to announce that we are expanding This land is your land, a series first launched with philanthropic and reader support in 2017.

In 2020, we’ll be publishing investigations and features that reveal the risks federal lands face from privatization, energy extraction and climate change. We’re also expanding our coverage to Canada, to scrutinize the dangers of fossil fuel development there, but also to see what America can learn from the way public lands are managed with the involvement of indigenous peoples.

But we need your help. This kind of reporting – on the ground, in far-flung locations – is expensive. Please consider supporting the Guardian by contributing today.

Our work is having an impact. Our Lost Lands interactive showed the astonishing scale of fossil fuel development and privatization under Donald Trump. We partnered with four newspapers in the western US to produce our epic feature on how we’re “loving nature to death”.

And we’ve uncovered multiple ongoing contacts between the Trump administration officials entrusted with guarding America’s most precious lands and the private interests that once employed them – ranging from fossil fuel proponents to Koch-backed advocacy groups, in one case helping lead to an official investigation. We also:

  • Revealed how the Trump administration sabotaged a major conservation effort.

  • Broke the news that officials are cracking down on transparency at the interior department.

  • Exposed the effects of government shutdowns on national parks.

To stay up-to-date on our future coverage, and its effects, we invite you to sign up to our monthly public lands newsletter:

We couldn’t have done all this without the generous support of our readers. We’re working to raise $1.5m to support our reporting in the new year. Help us continue to shine a light on the powerful forces who view our federal lands in terms of profit rather than protection. To support the Guardian’s journalism, including our pioneering reporting on public lands, make a contribution now.

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