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AGs demand action from Amazon, Walmart

Attorneys general from across the country are demanding that the companies that stock America’s vast virtual shelves – Amazon, Craigslist, eBay, Facebook, Walmart – crack down on price gouging for critical supplies from hand sanitizer to disinfectants during the coronavirus pandemic.

The group of 33 top cops sent a letter Wednesday urging the companies to heed their “ethical obligation and patriotic duty to help your fellow citizens in this time of need by doing everything in your power to stop price gouging in real time.” 

“When consumers cannot get what they need to protect their homes and their loved ones – or, in this case, help prevent the spread of the virus – consumers suffer not only economic harm, but serious health consequences as well,” the letter said.

Attorneys general from California to Washington, D.C., say, companies must do more than play “whack-a-mole” and should immediately adopt policies that deter price gouging and give consumers a way to report violations. They also are urging companies to have a system in place to trigger price-gouging protections whenever there’s a natural disaster, epidemic or other emergency.

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