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1,000+ cruisers await their turn to leave Grand Princess

The Grand Princess cruise ship has begun  disembarking passengers for a third day Wednesday in Oakland, California, after those on the ship were in limbo since Thursday when coronavirus cases were discovered on board. As of Tuesday, 1,406 people had disembarked from the ship, leaving at least 1,000 still on board.

Disembarking is underway, but there is no current estimate of when it will be complete, according to Brian Ferguson, deputy director of crisis communications and media relations at the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services.

A handful of people from the ship who were treated at hospitals and released will be sent to hotels in several locations to spend their 14-day quarantine, while other Americans will be flown or bused to military bases in California, Texas and Georgia.

The Public Health Agency of Canada on Wednesday said that one positive case was found in a Canadian repatriated to the country after disembarking from the Grand Princess.

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