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WWII veteran tried to cancel Capital One account — but bank said 'no'

Dear John: I’m 93 going on 94, and a combat veteran of World War II and the Korean War. I am alone. My wife is gone and my children are all married, but help as often as they can. 

I went to the Capital One office in Nutley, New Jersey, to cancel my account. The representative wanted to help me keep my credit card. I said “no,” but he kept putting words in my mouth. I said “cancel.”  

I made no charges, and paid off the amount due prior to the visit. It keeps charging me interest, etc. L.K. 

Dear L.K.: I contacted Capital One for you, and the company said it fixed all your problems.

I guess two wars didn’t prepare you for battle with corporate America. Anyway, thanks for fighting for us. It was my pleasure fighting for you. Stay well.

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