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Will Ferrell's tips for surviving Valentine's Day movie

Will Ferrell’s Pete commits the ultimate ski-vacation sin in the comedy “Downhill.”

During a controlled avalanche, he panics, grabs his phone and bolts as his wife Billie (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) shelters their two children.

No one is physically harmed by the false alarm. But Pete’s moment of cowardice causes cracks in the couple’s relationship – and he makes things worse by insisting his sprint didn’t happen as Billie remembered.

Valentine’s Day weekend is a darkly ironic release date for the comedy, which is based on the 2014 Swedish dark comedy “Force Majeure” “and premiered at January’s Sundance Film Festival. It could lead to tough conversations for couples attending.

“We talked about how divorce rates have been trending down lately nationally,” says Ferrell playfully. “It’s like, we’ve got to fix that, turn that chart upside down. That’s the plan.”

He’s joking. Ferrell, and the filmmakers, give a survival guide to seeing “Downhill” with your significant other.  

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Make it clear you would never screw up like Pete

Knowing the subject matter going in, it’s best to let your partner know that “Downhill” is fiction. You’d never leave the family in such a perilous moment of need.

“It’s a good idea to make it clear: That is not me,” says Nat Faxon, who directed the film with Jim Rash.

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