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Why Will Arnett is overjoyed to be a reality TV host

PASADENA, Calif. – Will Arnett plays the stiff-moving LEGO Batman in the popular kids’ movies, but that doesn’t mean he has any skill building with the plastic bricks. 

When it comes to making jaw-dropping LEGO creations, “I could definitely pay somebody to do it,” the comedian and actor said at the Television Critics Association last month. “Do I have the patience? Potentially. Do I have the talent? I don’t think so.”

Arnett knows exactly how much talent is involved making LEGO theme parks, movie scenes and space creations as host of Fox’s new reality competition series “LEGO Masters” (premiering Wednesday, 9 EST/PST), in which teams of AFOLs  – adult fans of LEGO – build massive creations out of the iconic kids’ toy to compete for  a $100,000 prize. 

Host Will Arnett holds up the coveted

“After almost 10 years of making LEGO movies, they had this idea for this show and it just seemed so organic for me,” Arnett said. “I’ve never done this before. It was a very meta experience. … A lot of times I felt like I was more a cheerleader” than a host. “I was like a fan who had been let in the room.”

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