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Why Pascal Siakam's rise in Toronto is remarkable

NEW YORK — Pascal Siakam’s climb from Cameroonian teen with a marginal interest in basketball to NBA All-Star is as inspiring as it is improbable.

But it’s not just the climb. It’s the speed and angle of ascent. Straight up and fast. It’s summiting Mount Everest in half the time.

►In 2016, the Toronto Raptors selected him with the 27th pick;

►In 2018, he was a role player;

►In 2019, he was a prominent player on a team that brought Toronto its first title. He was named the league’s most improved player. A few months later, he signed a four-year, $129.9 million extension;

►This weekend, he’ll start in his first All-Star Game.

Siakam’s rise is one of the most remarkable player development stories in NBA history.

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