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What to watch if you're single or coupled

Welcome to Valentine’s Day, the most loaded holiday of the year. 

Whether you’re in a long-term relationship, just starting to date someone or single, the Feb. 14 holiday comes with a lot of baggage. What kind of gift will you buy? How much money will you spend? Your mother wants to know why you’re spending the day alone

If you prefer not to fight for a reservation for an overpriced pink-and-red-tinted meal at a local restaurant, we highly recommend you stay at home, cozy up on the couch and watch TV series or films that suit your mood and relationship status. Whether you want to be whisked away by a fantasy love story or prefer a few hours that make you forget people pair up at all, we have five recommendations that will keep you happy this weekend, no matter how many cards and how much candy you receive. 

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If you want something light and lovely: 'Lovesick.' The British romantic sitcom is a delightful portrait of a man and his romantic relationships. After he discovers he has an STD and has to contact his former partners, so his life (and crush on his best friend) is told in flashbacks.

If you want a love story that will make you swoon: ‘Lovesick’ 

Romantic, laugh-out-loud funny and sharply written, Netflix’s “Lovesick” (formerly called “Scrotal Recall,” if you can believe it) is the platonic ideal of a romantic comedy. The series centers on Dylan (Johnny Flynn), who has to contact his former girlfriends after he is diagnosed with a sexually transmitted disease. The series flashes back to the time Dylan was with each girl on his list. In the present, however, he’s desperately in love with his best friend Evie (Antonia Thomas, “The Good Doctor”). The short, very British series is smart about its will-they-won’t-they couple, and only takes a few seasons to wrap up its story nicely. 

Stream it on Netflix.

NBC announced that a reboot of

If you want to bond with your partner over a new shared obsession: ‘Battlestar Galactica’

There’s nothing quite like finding a new show for you and your special someone to devour together. If you haven’t already watched, Syfy’s “Battlestar Galactica,” which ran from 2004-09, is the perfect kind of binge-worthy TV show to spend days devouring. The space drama, about a war between humans and the robotic cylons they created, has the kind of intensity that makes you click on “next episode.” There’s some good romance sprinkled throughout its four seasons, but the bigger draw is just how addictive and satisfying it is. Check out this masterful version of the story before NBCUniversal’s Peacock streaming service reboots it.

Stream on Syfy.

If you like ‘The Bachelor’ but hate this season: ‘Love Island’ (U.K.)

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