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Wedding Photographers Share Their Favorite Moments

Most photographers have a shot list — a must-capture catalog of photographs that each couple insists they have to remember their wedding day. And yet the unexpected moments are really what everyone hopes for.

Andy Marcus, 70, an owner of Fred Marcus Studios, Manhattan

Mr. Marcus has been capturing wedding moments, sometimes 200 to 300 a year, for more than five decades. “An unexpected moment is a wonderful surprise, it’s unique and organic,” he said. “Everything comes together at once: the lighting, the composition and the visual. It contains emotion but tells a bigger story at the same time. Capturing one for me happens every 100 weddings or so.”

Here are 12 photos from 12 photographers who share their most unexpected moments while explaining what made them so special. There is nothing from a shot list. No step and repeat. No portraits. These are moments that happened when real life got in the way, and someone was there to document the unscripted and unplanned.

Dave Robbins, Brooklyn

Eli Turner, Washington

Clark Brewer, Nashville

Phillip Van Nostrand, Manhattan

Julie Lippert, Boston

Perry Vaile, Charleston, S.C.

Clane Gessel, Manhattan

John Dolan, Manhattan

Brian Marcus, Tenafly, N.J.

Sasithon Pooviriyakul, Manhattan

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