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USA TODAY Sports picks winners, losers

The NBA trade deadline went just about as expected.

The Memphis Grizzlies found a new home (Miami) for Andre Iguodala. The New York Knicks traded Marcus Morris, the Detroit Pistons dealt Andre Drummond and the Minnesota Timberwolves moved Robert Covington.

Several of the players teams were expected to trade were in fact traded.

And by and large, it was a quiet trade deadline period. There weren’t many blockbuster deals involving stars, and there was a good reason for that. Teams are trying to preserve cap space for the summer of 2021 when there could be some big-name free agents. They were unwilling to take on big-dollar contracts that could jeopardize their ability to spend that summer.

Here are USA TODAY Sports’ trade deadline winners and losers:


Miami Heat: The Heat traded for Iguodala and did it without giving up a draft pick and while reducing salary and keeping some salary cap flexibility. This puts the Heat in position to earn the No. 2 seed this season and get closer to competing for a championship. Miami didn’t have a lot of room to pull this off but surveyed the league and found the right team (Memphis) to complete the deal.

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