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Trial Guide: The Sept. 11 Case at Guantánamo Bay

Walid bin Attash, known as Khallad, is accused of training two of the hijackers on hand-to-hand fighting in 1999, researching flights and timetables and testing the ability of a passenger to hide a razor knife on flights to Malaysia, Thailand and China. He was captured in Karachi, Pakistan, on April 29, 2003.

Mr. bin Attash was born in Saudi Arabia, and left at age 14 to join the jihad in Afghanistan. He lost his lower right leg fighting against the Northern Alliance in a battle that also claimed the life of an older brother of his. A younger brother, Hassan, is also held at Guantánamo, in a different prison. The two men have never been allowed to meet there.

Ramzi bin al-Shibh is accused of organizing the Hamburg, Germany, cell of Sept. 11 hijackers, researching flight schools from Germany and wiring money to Mohammed Atta and other hijackers. He is accused of acting as a go-between for the cell and Mr. Mohammed in Afghanistan, and relaying word to Al Qaeda leaders that Mr. Atta had chosen the date of Sept. 11 for the attack.

Mr. bin al-Shibh repeatedly tried, and failed, to get a United States visa to take part in the hijackings. He was the first of the five defendants to be captured, on Sept. 11, 2002, in a security services raid in Karachi, Pakistan. He was held for a time at Guantánamo when the C.I.A. had a station there as part of his four-year odyssey through the agency’s black sites. He is Yemeni.

Ammar al-Baluchi is named in the charges as Abd al Aziz Ali. He is accused of transferring money from the United Arab Emirates, where he lived and worked at a computer technology business from 1999 to 2001, to some of the hijackers in the United States for his uncle, Mr. Mohammed. His mother and Mr. Mohammed are brother and sister.

He left Dubai at the time of the Sept. 11 attacks and was captured in Karachi, Pakistan, on April 29, 2003, with Mr. Bin Attash. His lawyers say, based on what they know about his abuse in C.I.A. custody — water dousing, walling, sleep deprivation and being hung by his wrists — that the detainee named Ammar who is brutalized in the Hollywood film “Zero Dark Thirty” is based on his experience.

Mr. Baluchi was born in Kuwait and has Pakistani citizenship.

Mustafa al Hawsawi has the fewest charges against him and therefore sits furthest from the judge, at the back of the courtroom.

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