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The Recorder - Faith Matters: God’s Provision: The will to give

I have been plotting to write a Faith Matters piece for some time as this newspaper has graciously afforded the opportunity. Before I begin, I was ordained at Moore’s Corner Church in Leverett in August 2005. In 2006, I became pastor of Heath Evangelical Church and served there until 2014. I now occasionally preach and teach at my home church in Moore’s Corner where my son, the Rev. Michael Grant, is pastor. At 76 years, I seem to be “retired.”

Moore’s Corner Church is a non-denominational church that is committed to the preaching and teaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our church was founded in 1896 by two students of the famous evangelist D.L. Moody. We seek to encourage and edify the Body of Christ through the proclamation of God’s Word and through the ministries of the local church. Non-denominational means that we, the members, elect our own leaders, own the church and pay the bills. The membership created its Doctrinal Statement and Constitution and allows itself to amend the latter; never the former. If the Bible says that Jesus was virgin born; conceived by the Holy Spirit (which it does), we believe it. Jesus said that there is a heaven and a place called Hell several times in the four gospels.

Instead of offering my theological leanings in the realm of Christianity or spreading the Gospel, which others have done in the past, I would rather share a story of someone who impacted my life and ministry. His name is Daniel Krause Jr., who left this life on Nov. 13, 2019.

I worked with Dan at Amherst College for several years. I spent hours at his “place in the solar system,” especially upon the death of his wife, Cynthia. We talked about God and eternity. There were loose ends in our heart-to-heart discussions, but love and compassion never left our midst.

My story begins one October, many years ago. The septic system at our house had failed and we were officially told a Title V was required. My wife and I didn’t have the necessary funds so the UMASS Federal Credit Union loaned us the money.

That same time, a section of my parent’s house collapsed, opening up living space to the elements. They didn’t have house insurance. The following week, I told my co-workers, during coffee break, the whole sad tale. Shortly thereafter, Dan handed me a check for $5,000 — no strings attached. An excavator and carpenter were quickly hired and soon all was buttoned up for winter and the debris hauled away.

A few years passed and another autumn was at hand. My parents’ house, now vacant, was sold. I approached Dan with the money he gave me: He wouldn’t accept it. I told him: “Dan, the Lord has blessed us and if you don’t take back the money, I will give it to someone who needs it.” Dan replied, “I have been blessed also — give it away.”

Not much time elapsed before I heard of a longtime volunteer at the Greenfield Salvation Army who passed away and left his wife, also a volunteer, with an inoperative furnace, and winter not far ahead. I heard a relative praying for her one Sunday morning. Guess where that $5,000 went? Surely those of us involved would agree, faith does matter.

I never saw much of Dan after we both retired, but that October is etched into my memory: the memory of a kind man, a good friend and the provision of Almighty God.

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