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Tennessee hoax Twitter account seeks money from football recruits

A Twitter account belonging to a person who claims to be the Tennessee football team’s director of player personnel is a hoax.

An account by a person posing to be Luke Hughes posted multiple tweets Monday and Tuesday requesting highlight film from prospective athletes so that Tennessee’s staff can evaluate them. 

However, there’s no Luke Hughes on Tennessee’s coaching staff. The account is a hoax and is not associated with Volunteers athletics, an athletic department spokesman confirmed Tuesday.

Hundreds of athletes, unaware that the account is not associated with Tennessee football, responded to the account’s tweet with information and links to their highlight films. 

This Twitter account claiming to be associated with Tennessee football is a hoax. The person operating the account is seeking information and money from prospective athletes.

Drew Hughes, Tennessee’s former director of player personnel, left for South Carolina on Monday. In the aftermath, this Twitter account sprang up. It even uses a photo of Drew Hughes while he was with Tennessee.

The person operating the account is also apparently seeking payment from some prospects. 

Kenyatta Watson, the director of football operations at USA Academy, posted a screen shot of a direct message conversation that occurred between the person operating the Luke Hughes account and a prospective athlete. In the conversation, the person operating the hoax account requested $20 from the prospect. 

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