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Super Bowl Halftime Show's 'Kids in Cages' Hit Job on Trump

Fox & Friends lauded the Super Bowl half time show Monday morning, giving props to their broadcast family member Fox Sports for featuring Jennifer Lopez and Shakira doing Jennifer Lopez and Shakira-type things. But like any good bit of entertainment, the show was not without a bit of controversy, and Sunday night’s “dance-off” was no exception.

Co-host Brian Kilmeade noted that during a particular transition of the performance “they have kids that look like they are in cages,” adding
“a lot of people thought is this something going after the (Trump) administration … put kids in cages, and that is what Democrats say about Republicans about their policy.” Here is a screen capture of the thing:


Given that both performers are Latinx stars, whose music has a Latin-flavor (and very broad appeal), the show did seem to be an almost outright appeal by the NFL to the every growing Latin-American demographic. And the visuals of kids in round, cage-like structures is not a stretch.

Watch above via Fox News.


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