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Schitt's Creek is a real place, and you can visit it in upstate NY

SHARON SPRINGS, N.Y. — A little town in the middle of nowhere named after water, a boutique shop run by a gay couple that cares about local artisans, a mayor who works in a motel, a quirky cafe where run-ins with a man with dramatically bushy eyebrows are part of the experience.

There’s a surprising amount of similarities between Schitt’s Creek and Sharon Springs, reports the New York State Team, which is part of the USA TODAY Network. 

One exists solely in the fictional world of television as “Schitt’s Creek,” a Canadian sitcom created by father-and-son duo Eugene and Dan Levy about a family that loses their fortune and ends up relocating to a dumpy-but-lovable town. 

The other is a very real place: Sharon Springs, a small hillside town in Schoharie County with all the charm and all the characters that make Schitt’s Creek so lovable. 

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