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Romney, red-state Democrats risk their seats, reputation

“Courage” is one of those heavyweight words, like “obscenity.” Paraphrasing a former Supreme Court justice’s take on the latter: We generally know it when we see it. 

I believe I might have gotten a glimpse of courage, or what it might have looked like 100 years ago during the Great War, thanks to the mud, guts and blood that came gushing forth during a recent viewing of Sam Mendes’ exceptional, heartbreaking film “1917.”

In this piece, the taste of war, and the price, come across as all too real.

Brilliantly shot by cinematographer Roger Deakins, “1917” tells the story of two young British soldiers who are sent across the trench and stench of the Western Front, and litter of dead horses, to deliver a message that might save the lives of thousands. Chances are, as one lieutenant reminds them, they won’t make it.

As I watched that movie, battling my own vertigo all the way, I considered the thought that sometimes we need to be reminded of what courage looks like.

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