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Racial discrimination persists at Facebook and Google, employees say

SAN FRANCISCO – On a weekday morning in September, Leslie Miley, an engineering manager with decades of experience in the tech industry, joined his colleagues streaming into Google’s San Francisco offices. He was wearing the kind of outfit typical of engineers – T-shirt, jeans and Adidas kicks. His employee badge was plainly visible, clipped to his belt. 

That’s when Miley says a fellow Google employee raced in front of him and physically stopped him demanding to see Miley’s badge. “Welcome to being Black in Big Tech,” he tweeted.

It wasn’t the first time that a colleague had body blocked Miley when he was trying to go to work. He says these incidents, which he refers to as “bias in badging,” send an insidious message to people of color that “you don’t belong here” in an industry mostly staffed by white people and men.

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