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Peter eliminates four, including Mykenna, Tammy

The only thing better than two hours of “The Bachelor” every week? FIVE hours. Yes, Bachelor Nation got an extra episode this week on top of an extra hour on Monday – and it marked another significant narrowing of contestants.

Santiago, Chile, is the series’ destination for Wednesday’s episode. Peter’s first one-on-one date goes to Hannah Ann, with whom he explores the city (including its center, the Plaza de Arms). She makes Peter laugh, and we almost find it cute when they kiss with food smeared on their faces. Almost. They run into a couple who have been married for 20 years. (It’s a running trope for bachelors and bachelorettes to “randomly” meet happy couples such as these.)

What’s not as cute: Hannah Ann has never been in love before, which spooks Peter. Is the 23-year-old ready for a lifelong commitment?

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