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People shift to conservative investments amid campaign

Investors are feeling a little edgy.

They have shifted their money into more conservative investments recently, a sign they’re having reservations about how the U.S. presidential election could affect their retirement plans, according to a new survey. 

Despite last year’s strong stock market rally, nearly half of respondents have either shifted to more conservative investments (21%) or plan to make that shift (24%) over the next 12 months, according to Global Atlantic Financial Group’s “Vote for your Retirement” survey. That study, given to USA TODAY exclusively, surveyed 1,004 investors between 40 and 74 who had at least $75,000 in assets.

The upcoming election and lingering concerns of a possible recession were among the top issues posing risks to their investments, they said, according to the study. Nearly half of those surveyed believe that the party that wins the election will have an impact on their retirement strategy. 

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