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Murder accused had no other girlfriends before he met Patricia O'Connor's daughter, court hears

MURDER accused Kieran Greene had no other girlfriends before he met Patricia O’Connor’s daughter Louise, a Central Criminal Court jury has heard.

r Greene’s mother Joan also said her son had seemed “tired and withdrawn” when she visited him in prison since he went into garda custody.

She was the only witness to take the stand for the defence as evidence concluded in the joint trials of four people over the death of grandmother-of-seven Patricia O’Connor (61) in 2017.

Earlier today, one of the charges against a handyman accused of impeding Mr Greene’s prosecution was withdrawn from the jury.

Mr Justice Paul McDermott said he was withdrawing a charge that Keith Johnston (43) refurbished the grandmother-of-seven’s bathroom to destroy or conceal evidence of her murder.
Mr Johnston still faces a second count alleging he impeded murder accused Kieran Greene’s prosecution by helping him to buy tools for use in the concealment of Ms O’Connor’s remains.

Mr Greene (35) is accused of murder while Patricia’s daughter and granddaughter Louise (41) and Stephanie O’Connor (22) and Mr Johnston are accused of impeding his prosecution.
They have all pleaded not guilty.
Patricia O’Connor was allegedly murdered on May 29, 2017 at the house at Mountainview Park, Rathfarnham she shared with family including Louise, Stephanie and Mr Greene. Mr Greene was Louise’s partner at the time, while Mr Johnston, Stephanie’s father, was Louise’s ex-boyfriend.
Patricia’s dismembered remains were found scattered in the Dublin and Wicklow mountains between June 10 and 14, that year. She died from blunt force trauma to the head caused by at least three blows from a solid implement.
Her husband Gus O’Connor (75) has pleaded guilty to impeding the apprehension of an offender by reporting her missing on June 1, 2017, when he knew she was already dead. Sentencing in his case has been adjourned.
Judge McDermott told the jury today that legal argument in their absence had concluded and there had been a “development” in Mr Johnston’s case.
He had been charged with two counts of acting to impede Mr Greene’s apprehension or prosecution, knowing or believing he committed the murder of Patrica O’Connor.
The first count alleged he engaged in the refurbishment of the bathroom at the house at Mountainview Park on a date unknown between May 31 and June 9, 2017, in order to destroy or conceal any evidence in relation to the murder of Patricia O’Connor.
The judge said he was withdrawing that particular count from the jury. He told them it was a matter of law and he had made a decision that “you are no longer engaged in a decision making role in relation to that.”
The other count on the indictment remains the same, he said. This alleges that Mr Johnston assisted Mr Greene in the purchase of various implements to deploy in the concealment of the remains of Patricia O’Connor. It was alleged this was done at Woodies, Mr Price, B&Q and Shoezone in Tallaght on June 9, 2017.
The trial proceeds on this count, he said.
The single defence witness was then called; Kieran Greene’s mother, Joan Greene.

She told the jury her son was raised at Millbrook Lawns in Tallaght and went to primary school locally. He was assessed when he was about seven years old and he was about two and a half years behind, she said.
He would have been taken out of class for a lot of his subjects and got extra one-on-one tutoring. She agreed with Mr Greene’s barrister Conor Devally SC there was no such thing as a special needs assistant in those days.

She said Mr Greene lived at the family home until he met Louise O’Connor and he had no previous girlfriends or relationships as far as she knew.
Ms Greene agreed she and her husband had agreed to act as guardians to the three children of her son and Louise O’Connor and she had signed a document indicating that she consented to that happening on September 15, 2017.
This was in the event that Mr Greene and Louise O’Connor were incapable of discharging their parental roles.
Her husband was present for the signing of that and he consented to that as well.
Ms Greene told Michael Bowman SC, for Louise O’Connor that the signing of the document arose in circumstances where his client had been arrested on September 2, 2017 and taken into custody.
Ms Greene and her husband were either picking up or dropping off children at Mountainview Park when Louise O’Connor raised this as a concern of hers – the future of her children if something were to happen to her or Mr Greene, the witness agreed.
Custody of the children was suggested but guardianship was settled on. Ms Greene agreed with Mr Bowman this was at the request of his client.
Ms Greene told James Dwyer SC, for Keith Johnston, that she visited her son in prison after he went into custody in June 2017.
“I was a bit concerned about him,” she said. “I was told they had put him on some kind of medication.”
Mr Dwyer asked if she found he had deteriorated.
“Yes, he had lost a bit of weight,” she said, adding that he seemed tired and withdrawn.
Asked if the word “paranoid” would fit, she said “I think it would yeah.”
Mr Dwyer asked if he was “seeing things” and she said “I don’t know about that.”
Mr Devally said this was the only evidence being called on behalf of Mr Greene. Mr Bowman, Mr Dwyer and Stephanie O’Connor’s barrister Garnet Orange said no witnesses were being called on behalf of their clients.
Judge McDermott told the jury that brought all evidence to a conclusion. The final stage of the trial will involve five closing speeches; by the prosecution and four defence lawyers, he said.
He asked the jury to return on Monday.

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