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Mick Wallace 'reprimanded' in European Parliament for calling Venezuelan politician Juan Guaidó a 'gobs***e'

Irish MEP Mick Wallace has been ‘reprimanded’ in the European Parliament after calling Venezuelan politician Juan Guaidó an “unelected gobs***e”.

r Wallace, an MEP for Ireland South, was criticising the parliament’s decision to recognise Juan Guaidó as the legitimate interim President of Venezuela.

The Independent politician said: “I have a big problem with Spain’s position on a lot of aspects in relations to Venezuela and particular the European attitude.

“Do you not agree that the recognition of is an absolute embarrassment to anyone who has to occupy this chamber and it’s a disgrace on the part of the member states of Europe that so many have recognised an unelected gobs**te?”

The Wexford MEP was reproached by European Parliament Vice President Rainer Wieland, who was chairing the meeting in President David Sassoli’s absence.

Through a translator, the German MEP said: “You did use the word gobs**te sir, and I would reprimand you over that.”

In January, the European Parliament recognised Juan Guaidó as the interim President of Venezuela, they said, in accordance with the Venezuelan Constitution.

MEPs urged EU Foreign Policy Chief Federica Mogherini and member states to also recognise Guaidó “as the only legitimate interim president of the country until new free, transparent and credible presidential elections can be called in order to restore democracy”.

Mr Wallace described this decision as “off the wall”, claiming that the European Parliament is “reluctant to ever challenge the Americans”.

“What’s happening in Venezuela is a form of colonialism. The Americans want access to the oil and they’re looking for a regime change and it’s very disappointing that the Europeans have supported the US,” he told Independent.ie.

“The Europeans are very, very reluctant to ever challenge the Americans anymore, no matter how outrageous it it, whether it comes to Palestine, Saudi Arabia, they just don’t go to that place.”

“Whatever America say goes. America is pulling the strings of Europe and unfortunately they haven’t had the gunsion,” he continued.

“The notion of putting in Guaidó, who has never been elected – whatever about the Americans doing it for financial interest – but for Europe to recognise him is pitiful.

“Guaidó is only a thug. He’s a right-wing thug that just shows the American agenda. You couldn’t make it up. It’s mad stuff. There’s no rationale to it, it’s off the wall.”

Mr Wallace said that his opinion is not falling on deaf ears because of the coverage the European Parliament gets in mainland Europe.

A vote was taken in the chamber in resolution and the recognition was adopted after 439 voted in favour, compared to 104 and 88 abstentions – reiterating their full support to the National Assembly, who they describe as “Venezuela’s only legitimate democratic body whose powers need to be restored and respected, including the rights and safety of its members.”

Mr Wallace said that he feels it is his responsibility as an MEP to hold the parliament accountable when he feels they are making a wrong decision.

“I was just having a go at them. I’ve brought this topic up every month since I was elected,” he said.

“We have serious reservations about how they (European Parliament) operate but we didn’t come out here to kiss their ar*e we came out here to f**king change the place.

“Myself and Claire Daly went to Venezuela for a week last year and we had a meeting with Simon Coveney afterwards and I tried to talk some sense into him and in fairness he was very reluctant to support Guaidó but he just came under too much pressure from the Americans.”

Mr Guaidó is considered the legitimate leader of Venezuela by more than 50 countries despite not having been elected to the position, however Nicolás Maduro, the country’s current president enjoys the support of the Venezuelan military, has remained in power.

In Venezuela yesterday, Mr Guaidó, who is currently leader of their political opposition, was met with protests after arriving home from from an international support-building tour.

Supporters of the left-wing leader Maduro pulled at Mr Guaidó calling shouting “fascist” at him.

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