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Likes idea of converting old nursing home for homeless people

Published: 2/4/2020 1:20:34 PM

I am responding to Patrick Ott’s letter in the Jan. 29 edition. He said “just a thought” about using the old Northampton Nursing Home as a shelter.

Every time I drive by this empty building (where my mother spent the last three years of her life), I think about the bedrooms that sleep two, the bathrooms for each room, the dining area and living room that accommodates 30 or so people, and wish it could be used for our homeless men and women.

Of course it would have to be carefully monitored to keep it clean and sober. There would have to be staff who are caring and compassionate to the needs of the clients. There would have to be some means of transportation to and from the home. There would also need to be vigilance about the neighborhood environment so that people living nearby are not scared or worried, but instead are kind and helpful. Our city is a good one, but not for our homeless people. Can we be a true example to other cities and do what’s right for people who less?

Linda C. Robinson


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