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Joe Scarborough Bashes Dems Over Botched Iowa Caucus

Joe Scarborough ripped into the Democrats for how badly the Iowa caucus fell apart on Monday night.

The caucus vote outcome remains unclear after the party experienced a major-league meltdown between their disorganization, technical difficulties, and the lack of explanation for how they failed to determine a result. As Morning Joe broke this all down, Scarborough remarked that this isn’t the first time the Democrats blew it with the Iowa caucus, asking “what is wrong with the Iowa Democratic Party?”

“The world’s watching this. We’re not being melodramatic. For a year and a half, American politics has been focused on this moment, and the Democratic Party has a crappy app and say, ‘well, nothing happened to the app.’ But then you’re hearing the reports that something did happen to the app. Was there election interference? Did somebody try to hack into the app? Was it just pure incompetence?”

Mika Brzezinski added to Scarborough’s diatribe by also asking “is the information lost? Is it gone?” Scarborough concluded by saying the Democrats “should be holding 2-hour press conferences explaining to America and the world what happened.”

The show went with the table calling the botch-up “pathetic,” a “disaster on every level,” and generally remarking on how angry the 2020 candidates and their voters must be feeling about this.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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