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Jason Johnson Blames 2020 Dems for Mike Bloomberg Candidacy

MSNBC contributor and The Root politics editor Jason Johnson argued that the 2020 Democratic field has only themselves to blame for allowing Michael Bloomberg to create a viable candidacy and challenge them for the presidential nomination.

Johnson joined Stephanie Ruhle on Tuesday to discuss new polling that shows Joe Biden taking a major hit with African American voters while Bloomberg is on the rise. Johnson explained Bloomberg’s ascent as his taking advantage of an “opening in the market,” saying “there’s a weakness in these Democratic candidates that allows someone like Michael Bloomberg to step in with his money and connect with African American voters.”

Johnson elaborated that Bloomberg has a “terrible record” on numerous race-related issues, and yet, African American voters “look at these candidates and say ‘I don’t think you can win, I don’t think you’ll represent me, I will deal with this guy with a terrible record if that means getting rid of Donald Trump.’”

“They don’t trust the other candidates,” Johnson continued, to Ruhle’s shock. “Black voters have no reason to trust white voters in general. That’s a conversation we often have amongst ourselves. So in a group of candidates that you don’t really trust are ever going to fight for you, sometimes you settle on ‘look, what can you get done?’ and if I think this guy has money can get it done, I will hold my nose and vote for him, even if I think he is terrible.”

Johnson concluded by saying Black voters view Biden, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg with skepticism in terms of whether their concerns will be properly addressed by any of their agendas.

“I think the idea with Michael Bloomberg is ‘Trump is a racist. Michael Bloomberg is slightly less racist, and if that’s what it takes to get rid of him because he’s got the money, that’s who I will end up supporting.’ Here’s the thing: he hasn’t been vetted yet, we’ll have to see what happens when he’s debates and goes on the ground. But Mike Bloomberg wouldn’t even be in the race if Joe Biden was doing a better job. Mike Bloomberg wouldn’t be second with black voters if Bernie Sanders – who’s had five years of running – had actually locked down the black vote. None of them want to take responsibility for their own failings as candidates. That’s what let this man walk into the race.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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