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Iowa caucuses under way as voters decide who they want to lead Democrats against Trump – live | US news

Lara Trump, wife of the president’s son, Eric, and a campaign senior adviser, addressed the caucusgoers, many of whom were holding “Keep America great” and “Women for Trump” signs, in the school cafeteria.

“Who’s ready for four more years of Donald Trump?” she asked to rousing cheers and applause.

David Smith

At Republican caucus with Joe Walsh and Bill Weld at Northview Middle School in Ankeny, Iowa. Lara Trump: “Who’s ready for four more years of Donald Trump?” pic.twitter.com/GG5w9mlslh

February 4, 2020

Lara Trump extolled her father-in-law’s achievements in office but could not resist swiping at Democrats: “It is absolutely terrifying. The people running on the Democratic side… want to turn things around 180 degrees… full blown socialism, full blown government control of everything.”

She added: “The media has totally gone off the rails. The Democrats have gone off the rails and are unhinged.”

Trump’s impeachment by the House of Representatives was, Lara Trump argued, not about a phone call to the president of Ukraine in July but rather about undoing the 2016 election result.

And she reminisced: “If you thought it was fun, folks, watching the media meltdown that night, think about doing it a second time.”

Then Republican presidential candidate Bill Weld spoke wistfully of the era of George H W Bush and earned polite applause. But Joe Walsh, a conservative Republican turned Trump critic, dared to play Daniel in the lion’s den. “Republicans!” he entreated “We’ve got to be more decent. We can’t be cruel.”

A woman shouted in response: “I love our president. I like his tweets.”

Walsh gamely fought on even as he lost the crowd. “If you send me to the White House, I will enact conservative policies but I make you a promise. I will be decent and I won’t be cruel. I will be honest and I won’t lie.”

He continued, “Look, if you want four more years of the Donald Trump show…” but was drowned out by angry shouts in the affirmative.

Walsh said: “Last thing I’ll say. If you want four more years of a president who wakes up every morning and makes every day about himself, then vote for Donald Trump.”

There was uproar and loud booing. One man, wearing Trump regalia, bellowed: “You’re done!”

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