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Iowa caucus ripped with Democratic debate sketch

You might have thought the first “Saturday Night Live” opening sketch to air after President Donald Trump’s acquittal would focus on his non-apology tour at the State of the Union and National Prayer Breakfast, but you’d be wrong.

Nope, the show started with the latest Democratic debate, or, as moderator George Stephanopoulos (Mikey Day) put it, America’s chance to meet its “future MSNBC contributors.”

Was former Vice President Joe Biden (Jason Sudeikis) worried about his poor performance in Iowa? “I’ll admit it, losing Iowa was a real kick in the nuts. But … by the time we get to South Cackylacky, Joe Biden is going to do what Joe Biden does best: creep up from behind.”

Whom did Colin Jost’s Pete Buttigieg think really won the Democratic Iowa caucus, in which he initially claimed victory, only to have Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders do the same a few days later? “Donald Trump.”

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