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'I'm disappointed for the country, I'm not disappointed for Leo' - Taoiseach's partner Matt on election

LEO Varadkar’s partner Dr Matthew Barrett has said he is “disappointed for the country” following a bruising election for Fine Gael.

surge in popularity saw Sinn Fein win the most first preference votes in the election.

Mr Varadkar has pledged that his party will not to enter talks with Sinn Fein, meanwhile a string of high profile Fine Gael Ministers and TDs have lost their seats – including Regina Doherty, Katherine Zappone and Kate O’Connell.

Dr Barrett said that he is proud of his long-term partner, Mr Varadkar, and the work that he has done over the past few years.

Speaking after the Fine Gael leader was re-elected as a Dublin West TD after the fifth count on Sunday, Dr Barrett told TG4 news: “I’m disappointed for the country.

“I’m not disappointed for Leo, I know he did a great job as a TD for Dublin but for the country, the election and the result, on the whole, I don’t know what will happen.”

Mr Barrett looked relieved his partner was re-elected and said they would be able to sleep more easily after confirmation that Mr Varadkar will represent his constituency in the 33rd Dáil.

“We’ll be able to sleep more soundly tonight, but it’s been a very long day – for everyone here,” he said.

“Maybe (we’ll have) one drink and then bed and then we’ll see what will happen tomorrow.”

Mr Barrett spoke to TG4 in Irish and revealed that himself and Mr Varadkar speak it regularly at home.

“Both of my parents were primary school teachers and we decided that we would speak Irish in the house, so before I went to university my Irish was quite good.

“I don’t think I’m fluent now but I definitely was.

“(Myself and Leo speak Irish) a bit in the house and a bit when we’re abroad – when we’re talking about other people around, it’s like our secret language.

“He’s improving a lot. He didn’t have much when we started, but when he decided to go for Taoiseach he thought it was important to be able to speak Irish a bit better and a bit more fluently and he has improved greatly since.”

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