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How YouTube TV, Hulu, Sling and AT&T Now stack up

Perhaps you cut the cord from cable or satellite and then came up empty when the Super Bowl was on, trying to find a way to watch the game with your antenna. 

Or with the Oscars airing this weekend, you no longer get ABC and the smart TV app won’t work for you because you can’t provide the cable authentication the app demands. 

So is it any wonder then many cord-cutters are signing up for cable streaming services? They get the broadcast and cable networks, just fewer of them, for a lower monthly fee, and can access the programs on TVs, phones, tablets, even the car. 

Scissors cut a cord in front of cash

Sunday is National Cutting the Cord Day (a made-up holiday invented by the folks at Sling TV, but that’s OK, we’ll play along), so perhaps it’s time to look at life without a cable box or hard to understand remote. 

Initially, cord-cutters connected their laptops to a TV and went DIY style. But now, with the abundance of cheap tools to bring the Internet to TV – like via Amazon and Roku streaming sticks, which can be had for as little as $20 – online entertainment is mainstream. 

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