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How Bobby Knight's 20-year absence from Indiana basketball ended

BLOOMINGTON – Fred Heavilon traveled from his home in eastern Pennsylvania to Bloomington this weekend for the same reason a lot of people probably did.

An Indiana graduate, class of ’75, Heavilon sat in the Assembly Hall stands for Bob Knight’s first game at Indiana. He attended what would turn out to be Knight’s last game as well, a 20-point loss to Pepperdine in Buffalo in the NCAA tournament in March 2000, largely by coincidence. His wife Anne’s alma mater, Lafayette, also played in Buffalo that same weekend.

If the rumors were true — and as recently as Friday night, Heavilon wasn’t sure they were — and Knight really was going to end his 20-year absence and return to Assembly Hall, Heavilon was sure as hell going to see that too.

Heavilon arrived wearing a bright red sweater bearing a vintage stitched adidas logo and the words “Indiana Basketball” and he, like so many others, got his wish.

On Saturday, Bob Knight came home. 

“This,” former Hoosier Randy Wittman said afterward, “is where he belongs.”

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