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Donald Trump, Cruise Ships, Avalanche: Your Thursday Briefing

What kind of substance are you looking for?

The shows are the only pure expression of the designers’ idea of their own clothes. They control the hair, clothes, makeup, music.

That means that they have to have an idea about women, their lives and what’s happening in the world — the problems this designer is solving for them.

What effect is the coronavirus having?

We just got an email from a young, new British designer who’s Asian, who produces his clothes in Shanghai. China just closed down his factory, and he can’t get his collection. So he’s not going to be able to have a show this season.

We’re going to be watching if Chinese models can come, if the Chinese clients who usually come do. And then what this means for supply chains and sales. The Chinese consumer is an enormously important part of these brands’ customer base. And if they’re not moving and they’re not shopping, it’s going to be a real issue.

Do you have a fitness plan before the shows start?

[Laughter]. Oh, no! Beforehand, I try to be “normal,” but once it starts, it all goes out the window. I have a terrible diet and literally zero physical fitness. Honestly, my diet is coffee, soda, champagne, bread, chocolate, and occasionally a green juice. Then I think, good, you’re doing something for yourself.

That’s it for this briefing. See you next time.

— Penn

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