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Dating show is captivating, cringeworthy

Bananas. Nuts. Holy guacamole!

“Love is Blind” is one of those shows you describe using food, and it will likely make you wonder, ‘What am I watching?’ I took in the entirety of the show – nearly 10 hours – in two sittings, often with mouth agape.

Netflix’s new dating show puts its contestants through the emotional wringer tofind lasting love with a partner before meeting them.

As hosts Vanessa and Nick Lachey explain, the 30 participants spend 10 days in Atlanta, separated by gender as men and women get to know each other only byconversing, sight unseen, in individual “pods.” Couples are revealed to each other once they are engaged. (While you might not be able to see someone before pledging to spend the rest of your life with them, it should be noted that all of the contestants are relatively good looking.)

For the next phase, which kicks off in Episode 3, couples are shipped off to Cancun for a week to hang out with their partners in the flesh before moving in together. And weddings are set four weeks later. At the altar, the couples either follow through with the nuptials or reveal to their partners that they don’t wish to wed. 

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Married couple Vanessa and Nick Lachey host 'Love is Blind,

The show is like “The Dating Game,” if the stakes were raised to the stratosphere. In the first episode, connections are quickly made and strong feelings develop.

Admittedly, my shock could be explained by my lack of interest in dating shows. It’s hard for me to invest time and emotion into something like “The Bachelor” when the splits far outnumber the success stories.

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