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Coverage of Holyoke could go beyond crime

Published: 2/3/2020 10:33:00 AM

I was pleased when the Gazette started covering Holyoke news. After all, it is a very significant city in our area and news and events there are important to the Valley news readers.

After the paper started its coverage, I would note the Holyoke byline and read occasional articles. However, over a period of time I found that many of Holyoke articles are about arrests, shootings, drug busts, and hardly ever about new city initiatives or organizations working on good things in the community. I am very disheartened that this kind of coverage sends a not so subtle message about what goes on in Holyoke that is newsworthy.

I hope more of your readers have noticed this trend and that the paper will consider my feedback as worth your attention.

Wendy Sinton


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