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Coronavirus Updates: Virus Is Said to Spread Through Apartment Building’s Pipes

It was not immediately clear whether the dismissals were the beginning of a broader political shake-up in the provincial government, whose response to the outbreak has been widely criticized. The party secretary and the mayor of Wuhan, Ma Guoqiang and Zhou Xianwang, both offered to resign but remain in their posts.

Until now, only two others have been dismissed in connection with the outbreak: two officials from Huajiahe, a township about a two-hour drive west of Wuhan. They were ousted after a disabled teenager died after his father, his sole caregiver, was quarantined.

The Royal Caribbean cruise company on Monday rescinded its ban on Chinese passport holders onboard its ships.

But the company’s reversal is little comfort to one passenger, Xiao Liu.

Ms. Liu, a 34-year-old scientist at Princeton University, arrived at Port Canaveral, Fla., on Friday with her husband and 3-year-old daughter to board a cruise ship called Mariner of the Seas. A health care worker checked their temperatures and asked whether they had been in contact with anybody from mainland China recently. Though they answered no, the worker did not allow Ms. Liu on the cruise because she carries a Chinese passport.

“This is clearly racial discrimination,” said Ms. Liu, who moved to the United States 11 years ago. “What makes me different from other passengers? My Chinese passport!”

In its statement, Royal Caribbean said it banned passengers holding passports from mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau because governments around the world were enacting similar limits. “Now, governmental policies have been clarified, so we have changed this policy,” it said on Twitter.

As the coronavirus has spread — including hitting other cruise ships — Chinese people around the world have faced instances of xenophobia.

Reporting and research was contributed by Steven Lee Myers, Russell Goldman, Elaine Yu, Richard C. Paddock, Ben Dooley, Motoko Rich, Amber Wang, Zoe Mou, Albee Zhang, Yiwei Wang, Claire Fu, Amy Qin.

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