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Chris Evans admits that he ‘nearly burst into tears’ at James Blunt’s new music video | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

Chris Evans, 53, became emotional on Wednesday’s Virgin Radio show, after one of his team described to him musician James Blunt’s latest music video. The video many fans are calling a “masterpiece,” has brought feelings of grief and nostalgia for viewers, as he and his dad sit together looking directly at the camera as James sings the meaningful lyrics.

While reading out listener messages on the early segment of his morning show, Chris came across one that detailed how sad the music video was.

“Oh my god, just watched the James Blunt interview,” Chris read out a lister text.

“Just when you think it can’t get any more tearful it does, says Adam.”

James released the video last week and it already has over five million views on YouTube.

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“Now, I haven’t seen this yet,” the host admitted.

“Ozzy Nick watched the video during the news and he described to me what happened and I nearly burst into tears.”

“I haven’t seen it though, I’ll watch it after the show, I’m not going to watch it during the show!”

Worried after hearing the upsetting reviews about the video that he would be at risk of tearing up live on-air, Chris decided to reduce that risk and leave it until after the show and finished.

He collectively broke hearts around the world when he released You’re Beautiful and followed it up with Goodbye My Lover in 2004, and he’s done it once again.

The heart-wrenching video that accompanies his new track, features his dad Charles, who has been recently diagnosed with stage four chronic kidney disease.

The emotional “masterpiece”, might ring home for the Virgin host who has lost both his parents.

His dad passed away n 1979 at the age of 58, but more recently his mum Minnie Beardsall, died in May in 2018.

Chris was still working at BBC Radio 2, and learnt of her death just before he went on-air.

Under the circumstances, he handed the show over to co-star Vassos Alexander, who read out a moving tribute note that Chris had left him to read to listeners.

In 2017 she underwent eye surgery without any anaesthetic.

She had battled breast cancer back in 2003, and the DJ revealed he intervened and saved her life by paying for her to be treated with the revolutionary drug Herceptin.

The Chris Evans Breakfast Show with Sky airs weekdays at 6am on Virgin Radio.

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