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Chocolate Mousse on the Move

Johan Halsberghe — a Belgian chef who started making fresh chocolate mousse for high-end markets to sell in little plastic cups a few years ago — has outgrown his Brooklyn kitchen and has moved his production to East Harlem. His new space includes a small dessert bar in the front, where he sells the chocolate mousse in dark, white and hazelnut, like ice cream, freshly scooped into cups, $3 for one scoop, $5 for two, $6 for a sampler, to stay or to go. Some rotating flavors include matcha and passion fruit. Though he knows there is a chocolate mousse bar in Paris, he doesn’t believe that such a sweet spot exists in the United States. Some pastries, coffee and fruit juices are also available.

Mojo Dessert Mousse Bar, 177 East 100th Street, 917-331-3278, mojodesserts.com.

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