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China's New Coronavirus Anthem: “Believe Love Will Triumph”

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China’s state media has released an anthem “Believe Love Will Triumph” to keep spirits up while the nation fights the novel coronavirus.

It stars celebrities, including Jackie Chan, Wang Leehom, Xiao Zhan and Tong Liya.

Here are some of the lyrics translated in English:

“For you, I fight with my life even in the face of a rainfall of bullets. Through the door of life and death, I promise not to leave. The hardest thing is to let it go. I will stay calm for you. Pull yourself together during many dark nights. Never let life stop. We firmly believe with love we will triumph.”

The newly identified coronavirus that emerged in the central Chinese city of Wuhan has been declared an international health emergency, and the effort to contain it also spans the globe. The Chinese government has implemented the most ambitious quarantine in modern times, as health care workers knock on doors in search of infected people and travelers in airports across the world are scanned for signs of fever. The effort is complicated by the virus’s incubation period of up to two weeks — a time when the infected person may have no symptoms but still be contagious — as well as the challenge of identifying those with such mild cases they don’t realize they are ill.

In China, officials said they would track down people who left Wuhan, a city of 11 million, before the quarantine was imposed, as many migrant workers headed back to the countryside to celebrate the Lunar New Year with their families. Officials said they would be registered, visited frequently by medical personnel and taken for treatment if symptoms developed. Xinhua reported that health officials in Beijing asked those returning to Wuhan from anywhere to stay at home for two weeks, record their temperature and seek treatment if they develop a cough or fever. But a shortage of testing kits and overworked hospital staff are straining the health care system, hampering efforts to accurately track how many people have the pathogen. And there’s evidencethat people may be contagious even when asymptomatic.

The government has imposed a quarantine on Wuhan and more than a dozen other cities in the region, a travel ban covering in excess of 50 million people. The move came ahead of the Lunar New Year holiday period, when an estimated 3 billion trips are made, about 15 million in Wuhan alone. The mayor estimated about 5 million residents left before the Jan. 23 lockdown, according to media reports. Wenzhou, a port city of 9 million people, became the first city outside central Hubei province to impose quarantine measures, telling families that only one person will be allowed out of the house every two days to shop for necessities. Wenzhou is in Zhejiang province, which had the highest number of confirmed cases outside Hubei.

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