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Brian Stelter Condemns Leftists Hoping Rush Limbaugh Dies

CNN’s Brian Stelter condemned liberals who hope Rush Limbaugh will die now that the conservative radio host has been diagnosed with advanced lung cancer.

On Sunday’s Reliable Sources, Stelter spoke to his panel about the theatrics of how President Donald Trump bestowed the Medal of Freedom on Limbaugh at the State of the Union address. As the Stelter acknowledged Limbaugh’s critics who say he didn’t deserve the medal, he also turned his attention to social media posts from leftists who want the cancer to kill Limbaugh.

“It’s revolting to me,” Stelter said. “As much as we talk about Trump and misinformation, there is a strain of contempt on the Left that also worries me. Why can’t people say ‘we hope Rush gets better quickly?’”

The conversation continued to revolve around how liberals ought to offer well wishes to Limbaugh in light of his troubles before attacking him over politics. CNN’s Bill Carter argued that “a lot of people did do that,” and that the question remains whether Limbaugh deserved the honorific despite his controversial behavior.

“The guy’s a human being, he’s going through Hell, that’s bad for him,” Carter said. “But you can then say giving him the Medal of Honor is really questionable. I think you can do both things.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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