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Bobby Knight returns to Indiana's Assembly Hall amid cheers, tears

BLOOMINGTON – The first sighting is on the videoboard. Bob Knight is in the hallway at Assembly Hall, walking toward the court, as the biggest Indiana basketball crowd in years starts to rumble. He’s surrounded by two of his former players, Quinn Buckner and Steve Green, and by his son, Pat. Those are details. Irrelevant, you might say.

Because that’s Bob Knight, and he’s walking this way.

Before this Indiana basketball revival is over, with men and women crying and Bob Knight shouting and with the student section paying homage, this will feel cathartic for everyone involved. Not even the final numbers on the scoreboard can ruin this day in Bloomington, even if those numbers say that Purdue – Purdue, of all teams – has beaten the Hoosiers 74-62 to strengthen one team’s 2020 NCAA tournament résumé, and weaken the other.

Another handful of details. Not irrelevant, not for a basketball school like Indiana, but secondary to the story of the day:

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